Viktor Hovland drove over 4,000 miles across the US to play in tournaments.

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Viktor Hovland drove over 4,000 miles across the US to play in tournaments.

Viktor Hovland (22), like fellow PGA Tour players Alex Noren and Rickie Fowler and many professional golfers before them, attended Oklahoma State University. Hovland still lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Born and raised in Olso, Hovland, currently ranked at No.

31, picked up golf at the age of 4 after his father, Harald, returned from the US (where he was working as an engineer), with some golf equipment for his son. After golf’s restart on June 11, the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas was the first opportunity Hovland had to get back playing competitively.

Because the challenge wasn’t too far from his home, he decided driving meant he didn’t have to risk contracting the virus in an airplane. And from there, one road led to another and his trip has made him a bit of a cult figure on the golf circuit.

“And then I used to be simply pondering: ‘What if … I simply drive to all the occasions?’ And I used to be like: ‘Oh, that might be quite a bit.’ But I made a decision not to give it some thought and simply go and do it and luxuriate in the hours of podcasts and music,” Hovland told Shane O’Donoghue, host of CNN’s Living Golf present.

It's a long, winding road for Hovland

How does he keep himself entertained on the road, O’Donoghue wanted to know. “I listen to metal, but I listen to kind of a particular subgenre that’s called metal core,” Hovland advised.

“And it’s usually some kind of heavier stuff, a lot of screaming, but a lot of melodic parts and a lot of cool musicianship if you will. “When I’m driving by way of the evening, I’m getting fairly drained but it surely’s virtually like I’m in a trance and I simply preserve my playlist going and I simply get my head deep in the music and all of the sudden three hours fly by”.

The Norwegian’s road trip — which was roughly over 4,000 miles in length — has been a way of making the journeys a “little bit extra memorable” for Hovland, although he admits he’s now going to “give myself somewhat break”.

He explained golfers get so used to packing their suitcases, going to the airport, getting to the venue and simply playing golf. “So I type of take pleasure in these moments, you are in the center of Mississippi or Louisiana or Pennsylvania and also you’re simply type of going: ‘What on earth am I doing proper now?’” Be it taking lengthy driving journeys or driving the ball straight and true on a golf course, Viktor Hovland’s early profession success suggests he might be having a very enjoyable time on his sporting journey.