Scottie Scheffler’s second 59

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Scottie Scheffler’s second 59

Scottie Scheffer (24) recently revealed during one of his quarantine wolf games in Dallas, he took it deep and rolled in a massive 20-foot eagle putt on the last hole. He claims it wasn’t until he reached his car and added up the score that he realized that he had fired golf’s magic number.

During one of his quarantine wolf games in Dallas, buzzing around in individual carts, Scheffler took it deep and even rolled in a 20-foot eagle putt on the last hole. It wasn’t until he got in the car and started adding up the score – once, then twice, then probably 10 times – that he realized he had indeed fired golf’s magic number.

“I was just kind of going out and playing,” he said. “It was fun”. And at The Northern Trust at TPC Boston on Friday, with no fans, and no cameras until the last few holes, it wasn’t much different.

Scheffler needed to get a 6-foot par putt on 17 and them make birdie on the course’s par-5 18th to break 60. Scheffler was trying to make as many birdies as possible. It was only after he missed a 10-foot birdie chance on the 13th that he began to realize what he was doing.

"I was like, 'Oh, man, that would have been a nice one to go in' because I was playing really good at that point," he said. "Kind of clicked like, 'Hey, I have a chance to do something pretty cool today.'

Scheffler made the shot.

Just off the front-left edge of the 18th green, Scheffler made two shots and lagged his astounding 90-foot eagle putt to about 4 feet. “I was definitely nervous, very nervous over both of those shots and coming down the stretch,” he admitted afterwards, “but I think it helped me focus a little bit more”.

Under the steady watch of less than 50 people, Scheffler got in the birdie putt to shoot 12 under. By doing this he recorded the 12th sub-60 round in Tour history – the first of the COVID-19 era. "You don't really get a putt for 59 often, so I was quite nervous over the putt, but that's nothing new," Scheffler said.

"I get nervous over every shot. That's just playing competitive golf," he explained after his amazing feat. Scheffler is the second-youngest golfer to achieve this magnificent feat. However, he had to celebrate not with the wild cheering of the crowd, but rather a small smattering of applause and a few fist bumps from his playing partners.