Jack Nicklaus supports Naomi Osaka's issue

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Jack Nicklaus supports Naomi Osaka's issue

Over the course of his 25-year career on the PGA Tour, Jack Nicklaus achieved 18 Majors victories between 1962 and 1986. Later, between 1990 and 1996, he won 8 editions of those same tournaments in the senior version. Both records are still unbeaten.

Nicklaus also tried his hand at other collateral activities related to the world of golf, such as designing courses, writing game manuals and creating his own tournament, which was then included in the PGA circuit, the Memorial Tournament.

He, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player are credited with making golf the hugely popular sport it has become today. Nicklaus also presented 100 Greatest of All Time, a five-hour one-hour television series produced and aired by the Tennis Channel, US television channel, in March 2012.

Nicklaus, former golf icon, talked about the Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, making interesting considerations. Osaka, after having caused a sensation at the Roland Garros for the choice to desert the press conferences with the media and the subsequent withdrawal from the tournament born after conflicts with the organizers, announced that she will not take part in the historic Wimbledon tournament.

A surprising choice for some and less for others, but which in fact makes everyone understand how Naomi is going through a very complicated moment. At the end of the Roland Garros, the Japanese tennis player had announced that she was struggling with serious and serious problems of depression and strong anxiety.

Nicklaus said: "If she has anxiety issues, then media should be able to accommodate her and allow her to do what she needs to do without running her through the wringer. If she has a problem, if she really has one, you don ' t know that, I don't know that, only she knows that and her doctor probably knows it, so I can't fault her.

I feel badly for her and I hope that she gets whatever she needs. I think you have a few people in the media today who are trying to make a name and they want to get sensational. We have had that for 20 years or so. Didn't have it much right when I was growing up.

But you pretty well identify those people pretty quickly. And then you're just careful with what you do. I've always dealt with you guys. I treated you fairly, you treated me fairly. And I don't understand some of the young people today and thinking they ' re not going to get treated fairly. I mean, you always get treated fairly if you treat somebody else fairly."