Bryson DeChambeau is throwing around his weight.

Bryson DeChambeau's work on his golf game is starting to pay off.

by Marteli Brewis
Bryson DeChambeau is throwing around his weight.

About a year ago Bryson DeChambeau told Chris Noland, head manager of the golf equipment company LA Golf Shafts he wants to gain 25 pounds (11,3 kg) while also increasing his ball speed with his driver with 25 miles per hour (40 km per hour).

Nolan told he thought DeChambeau is crazy, but a year later DeChambeau is, in fact, 50 pounds heavier and the golf world is buzzing about the incredible distance he is reaching from the tee. DeChambeau weighs in at about 240 pounds (109 kg) and his daily menu includes three protein-rich meals as well as about seven protein shakes!

Heavyweight DeChambeau had tongues wagging and Brooks Koepka lightly referred to the devil’s word in sport, ‘steroids’ in a tweet about DeChambeau. DeChambeau, who has a degree in physics, has the nickname “The mad scientist”, but he knows what he wants when it comes to his clubs.

DeChambeau asked Nolan’s company design a driver-shaff for him according to the following specifications: It had to had a soft point so it can generate extra speed just before making contact with the ball.
The point of the grip also had to be soft.
The middle part of the shaft had to be very firm – about 50% firmer than the type of club professional golfers normally prefer.

LA Golf Shafts made 26 prototypes before DeChambeau was satisfied.

DeChambeau’s driving-statistics show clearly that his new driver, as well as his bigger physique, is the secret to his success, with an average of 323,9 feet in the PGA-series.

Even Bryson is ‘shocked’ by how big he and his game has become. “I do remember a faint Bryson, a small faint image of Bryson back in the day,” he said at TPC Boston where the first leg of the FedEx Cup Playoffs began.

“I was looking at an Instagram post of mine from five years ago, when I just turned professional . . . I can’t believe how skinny I was back then. I thought I was pretty ripped and jacked back then. No, definitely not”.

In 13 worldwide starts this year, DeChambeau has finished eighth or better nine times, which included a win at last month’s Rocket Mortage classic. The old adage, “there’s method to madness” certainly seems true when it comes to Bryson DeChambeau and his golf game.

Bryson Dechambeau