Tiger Woods never felt much pain after the car accident

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Tiger Woods never felt much pain after the car accident

Tiger Woods talked about the rehabilitation after the car accident of last February in Los Angeles. In a statement the American gofer champion said: "I've never felt so much pain before as on this occasion. Should I go back to golf? Now I'm focused on my number one goal, walking on my legs again.

I received a lot of support and solidarity. And all this helped me a lot. In terms of rehabilitation I have experience but I have never felt so much pain."

Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth praised Phil Mickelson

Jordan Spieth praised Phil Mickelson for the amazing win of the PGA Championships 2021.

In a press statement he said: "I actually know where it is now that I mention it. I have the Sports Illustrated when he the jump when he won the (2004) Masters, when he was in mid-air six feet off the ground, with his signature on it.

I won it in an auction at like my sister's school when I was really young. I must have been like 12 or 13 or 14 or something. I remember going out and following him because he would come to the Byron Nelson and play. I came to the Colonial a couple times in grade school as well, and he's always been good at this tournament."

Mickelson won in 2000 and in 2008; Spieth in 2016. The superstar’s unpredictability was appealing, too. Obviously, the thrill of watching his rounds of golf,where he could go shoot he could have six birdies in a row. He could also hit a drive onto a different hole and still make birdie, and he could look like he'sI mean, it's Phil the Thrill, right? I thought it would very, very difficult.

It's just so difficult to be in contention for the first time in a while and be able to tap into that confidence that you're supposed to be there, and you're supposed to win. And I know he'll probably tell you, maybe he thinks he's got more than one left.

I don't think anybody will doubt him after this one, but I think it's just wild. I think it's incredible." Phil Mickelson is the fourth golfer to have managed to establish himself on the PGA Tour in four different decades: before him only Sam Snead, Raymond Floyd and Davis Love III have made it.

Full loot for the player from San Diego who goes from 115 / a to 32 / a position in the world ranking and from 168 / a to 45 / a in the FedEx Cup. The success has also earned him $ 2,160,000 against a prize pool total of 12,000,000.

And now Mickelson dreams of crowning the Grand Slam to make his career unique. The USGA just ten days ago granted him a special exemption to play the US Open in his city of San Diego from June 17-20. Mickelson dreams of the feat to reach Woods, Nicklaus, Player in the myth.

And about Tiger Woods, the American golfer prised Mickelson, who was the protagonist of an historical achievement. In South Carolina, Phil Mickelson, with a total of 282 shots won the 103rd edition of the PGA Championship becoming the oldest winner of a Grand Slam tournament at 50 years, 11 months and 7 days.

The Californian surpassed the previous record of Julius Boros, king of the PGA Championship in 1968 at 48 years, 4 months and 18 days. On Kiawah Island, against all odds and after a tournament that saw him as protagonist from start to finish, the southpaw from San Diego overcame the competition of two other Major champions.

"It's a fantastic success, I don't think I've ever experienced anything like it. I believed and hoped that anything could be possible. I hope to be a source of inspiration for many, I have made many sacrifices but it was really worth it.

I love this sport and I love to compete with such strong players," said Mickelson at the end of the tournament. "Seeing you win at 50 is really inspiring. Congratulations. You are a formidable ambassador of this sport, a timeless champion," wrote Woods on Twitter.