Tiger Woods watched the Augusta Masters with Rickie Fowler

Fowler made new interesting revelations about Tiger


Tiger Woods watched the Augusta Masters with Rickie Fowler
Tiger Woods watched the Augusta Masters with Rickie Fowler

"Between that and the British Open, those are two tournaments that I love to watch. Typically I’m in them and I’m watching either the morning or afternoon wave when I’m not playing, so it was a little difference in that sense, being at home.

It was fun to be able to do that, talk about the course. And one of the days, Thursday, we were watching just how firm and fast and such a fine line how Augusta can be. We were both definitely disappointed that we couldn’t be out there to experience it because it’s very few times where you do get to see Augusta that firm and fast.

It was good to see him. Hung out and spent some time with Charlie and Sam, Woods’ daughter, was there for a little bit before she had to go to soccer practice. I think his main focus and concern is getting back to being a dad, go play golf with Charlie, push him around and be able to run around with Sam.

Getting to be around him on a bit more of a personal level and getting to know him, especially over the last really five, six years, you know, we try and push him as hard as we can, but at the same time it’s still pretty cool to get to go hang out and spend time with Tiger." With this words, Rickie Fowler said he and Tiger Woods watched parts of The Masters together as both players missed out on this year's iconic major, where Hideki Matsuyama made history.

Hideki Matsuyama aims for Olympic gold in Tokyo 2021

He said it in the first interview since he won the Masters 2021. Hideki talked about his future goals, especially the Summer Olympics 2021 which will be held in Japan, in Tokyo.

He said: "I was filled with nerves from the first hole to the last. I never felt there was a time for me to let up even a little bit and relax. Technically, I've had some pretty frustrating days since the beginning of this year and haven't been able to see the results that I've wanted.

But after my practice round on Wednesday, I felt like I kind of found something and started to feel pretty good about my chances that week. It’s hard to define what those feeling were but that was probably the biggest impression I had going into the tournament.

Tokyo Olympics? To be honest, I don't know what will happen yet, but I think I will be selected via the rankings. So right now, I just plan to be careful and try and avoid any injuries in the tournaments I have left to play before the Olympics, and then go there and win a gold medal. That's my goal. and I'll do my best to accomplish it."

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