Kang goes for the third title

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Kang goes for the third title

Danielle Kang is aiming for her third title in Scotland. The new COVID measures have changed plans and she says everyone respects those measures “It’s definitely exceeded my expectation,” Kang said. “We are really strict in how we are moving about.

No one has any intent on breaking any rules, but it's more so, the safety for us, and safety for people in the country. I wasn't really that nervous coming over here. I just thought it was interesting, you know, being able to fly international because there have been so many talks about not being able to fly from country to country.

I felt excited more than anything to come here”. , as quoted by golfchannel However, in addition to the above measures, she points out that she is satisfied “Only thing I can do is look outside the window of a car and see Edinburgh,” she said.

“I can't go anywhere. Although, the fact that I get to play golf is just what I'm the happiest about, and the safety protocols, on the way we walk from the car park to the golf course, to how to spread out everything is, and dining .

. . You have to wear masks, have to have the temperature checks at the hotel, leaving the hotel, at the golf course, sanitizing everything before and after players. That has exceeded my entire expectation. Even with dining, with the takeout food and spaced seating, outside and inside, it's pretty great actually”.

Kang feels uncomfortable

Kang still doesn't know what level her game is at. She says she thinks a lot on the field and that the situation is a little different than it was. It looks like a different field will be an obstacle for Kang “I'm actually having a lot of thoughts on the golf course,” Kang said.

“It's not something that I'm used to, at all. So, it's bringing a lot of difficult parts of my game into play. So, I'm a little bit uncomfortable, to be quite honest, but always got to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

“So, yeah, the golf course, it's tough for me. It’s going to be definitely a test in every aspect of my game, and I think that will be interesting”. “I think this golf course is a bit different from links golf,” Kang said.

“It’s a bit American-style links golf, a little exaggerated here and there. So, that’s the difficult part. “I've just got to trust my game. I'm playing well, and it's going to bring me a lot of challenges, and I'm going to have to make a lot of up-and-downs for pars out here.

It just seems like no matter how great of an iron player you are, you're going to have some up-and-downs you're going to have to make. So, I'm excited to see what this golf course hands me”.