Annika Sorenstam: "On this com back I said..."

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Annika Sorenstam: "On this com back I said..."

50-year-old LPGA Hall of Famer Annika Sorenstam will play the 16th green at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. It was her first official round in an LPGA Tour event in 13 years. Annika Sorenstam said in a press conference: "Considering my plans for the summer and turning 50 last October, wanting to play the U.S.

Women's Senior Open, I figured I just needed some tournament rounds. I need some experience back inside the ropes and focusing on 18 holes, making putts, no Mulligans and no gimmes. I was really persuaded more by my family and parents, our kids, and then neighbors and members, and also the pro here at Lake Nona, who said, ‘Of course you're going to play.

So, it was really a late addition and not something that was on my min. I think the biggest thing that I messed up was the practice round tee times. I was told that you're supposed to be ready by 7:00 on Saturday. I didn't hear 7:00.

I just heard Saturday. I somehow messed that up. Luckily, I was able to play with Anna Nordqvist on Monday anyway and with Danielle (Kang) on Tuesday. It was a little different, but you’ve got to get used to these new rules.

By the time I figure them all out, I'm outta here. "Again, if it wasn't for Lake Nona (being the host site) I wouldn't be playing. This is not a comeback. It's an appearance. And I'm just thrilled about that.

I'm excited to be here and appreciate the opportunity to come back and see all these players. I know it's a limited field, but they have, I think,, 40 players that are playing here this week that are ANNIKA alumni as we call them, meaning they have played in one or more of our events around the world the last 13 years.

So, I've seen many of these young players grow up, whether it's Anna Nordqvist, the Korda sisters, Maria Fassi, Leona Maguire, Bronte Law. I mean, you name it, I've seen them grow up and play in either our invitationals or intercollegiate.

So, now to be inside the ropes playing with them, it's kind of fun and also makes me more in tune in what the courses are like and what they go through every week."

Tiger Woods is recovering

The golfer staff announced on Twitter treatments underwent for severe injuries and a leg in the car accident: "were successful and he is recovering.

The procedures have been successful and now he is recovering: he is in a good mood." Levet talked about recovery times: "I had only a broken fibula so Tiger's injury is very different but my wife suffered the same injuries as he has as an 18-year-old.

She was in a head-on crash - one car going 80kmh , the other 110kmh. She was in surgery for 15 hours. They operated on both her legs, feet and ankles. She could not walk for six months. But a year and a bit later, in 1988, she was playing for the French Open in a play-off.

She couldn't run, walking tired her but she came back. And if she came back, Tiger can come back too." Alex Villanueva, Los Angeles County Sheriff, said thar "Tiger Woods wasn't drunk, it was just an accident."

Investigators found no evidence that the golf champion was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Deputy Sheriff Carlos Gonzalez, the first to arrive at the scene of the accident, often patrols the road and said he surprised people who exceed 129 km / h, and that accidents are common.

Even Justin King, a California-based personal injury attorney, said that if investigators prove the road is unsafe and therefore contributed to the Woods accident, the council that controls it could be held responsible. The incident occurred on the border between the Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes communities, and the county supervisor representing the area requested a safety review.

"God, I hope so", Woods on the CBS broadcast of The Genesis Invitational. Woods, at Riviera to hand out the trophy as the tournament host, had a microdiscectomy Dec. 23. It was the fifth surgery on his back, and the first since a procedure to fuse his lower spine in April 2017.

"I'm feeling fine. I'm a little bit stiff. I have one more MRI scheduled so that we'll see if the annulus (fibrosus) is scarred over finally and see if I can start doing more activities. But still in the gym, still doing the mundane stuff that you have to do for rehab, the little things before I can start gravitating towards something a little more"

Woods had not played since he joined 11-year-old Charlie at the PNC Challenge a few days before his surgery. "I don't know what the plan is", he said when asked if he would try to play before the Masters. Meanwhile Villanueva added that investigators may request a Woods blood sample to definitively rule out drugs and alcohol.

In addition, the option of asking for search warrants for the cell phone of the US star and checking if he was distracted at the time of the crash is considered, as well as data from the car's black box, which would provide information on the speed of the car.