Greg Norman believes Australians could surprise

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Greg Norman believes Australians could surprise

Greg Norman believes that Australian golfers are quite underrated and they could surprise everyone. Talking for he said: “I think Leish has got a chance,” the two-time Open champion said. “He’s probably one of the most underrated golfers out there from when I watch him play.

“I do enjoy watching him play because he’s methodically simple, you know? And he’s a great putter too”. Talking about why he thinks Norman is underrated he said: "Because his personality is that way.

I just think he likes to be under the radar a little bit, you know?”


“I can’t wait for the PGA. Harding Park is a course I really like and I played well there at the WGC-Match Play in 2015,” Leishman told AAP’s Evin Priest last week.

“It’s probably my best opportunity to win one because generally PGA Championship courses don’t set up well for me”. Norman on Scott: “He’s got the golf swing that’s never going to fail him,” Norman said.

“What fails him sometimes is his putter, so that’s his nemesis. “When he has a feeling of confidence with that he’s always going to be consistently there”. “What I did notice with Adam though is that he seems to have a better fourth round than he does a third round,” Norman noted.

“So he might be disappearing, all of a sudden he comes back. He’s 30th or 40th then shoots a good round on Sunday and he’s in the top 10." “So that’s the sign of a guy who really just wants it.

He’d rather be tenth than 11th, he’d rather be ninth than tenth”. When asked if he would like to see Australian players at the top again he replied: “I want to say, ‘yes, that will happen’.

But again, it depends on how hungry you are,” Norman said. “These guys make a lot of money in relative terms. These guys are making – I don’t know – but they’re making millions of dollars a year, so they’re comfortable.

They’re very, very comfortable. They’re doing stuff they love to do. “Now, to push yourself to the next level, if you want to be No.1 player in the world like Tiger Woods or myself for X number of years, that’s another effort.

That’s another level you’ve got to go to. “That becomes a mental deal, that depends on the person’s intestinal fortitude then it becomes something different”.