Collin Morikawa idolized Tiger Woods

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Collin Morikawa idolized Tiger Woods

In the latest interview granted by Collin Morikawa for HBO, the American golfer talked abiut several topics, and especially his idol Tiger Woods. He said: "You know, we all know the history of what happened. Facts are facts.

But for a Tiger documentary, unless he was going to be the one narrating it, I really have no interest. To be honest, the best way you can get to know someone is by talking to them, right. And for me to be able to ask Tiger personal questions, face-to-face, about golf, sports, family, whatever it may be, that's all that matters to me .

I've idolized him and he's been a role model or a huge reason why I'm here today. I've grown up watching Tiger my entire life, and all I could dream about when I was a little kid was to be able to play with him when he's on the PGA Tour, and I've made that dream a reality.

When I watch him in his iron play, he's able to work the ball tremendously. Every pin, every location on the green, he's able to work that shot and he's able to - he has full control of the golf ball and some of us might say we do.

But he does it at ease, and every shot comes at ease and there's no extra effo rt to hit a certain-type shot. Hopefully I'm able to get my game there sometime."

John Feinstein: "Golf immediately distance itself from Donald Trump"

John Feinstein, one of the sports writers, especially about golf, wrote an interesting editorial on GolfDigest magazine, about golf and Donald Trump.

In recent days in the United States, there has been a lot of commotion after what happened on Capitol Hill, where several supporters of the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, attacked Congress where the parliament had met to formalize the new landing in the White House of the new president Joe Biden, who won the election a few weeks ago.

After seeing a real assault worthy of the best American Hollywood films, the US police had to use force to send the rioters away, unfortunately even opening fire on some of them.
The news obviously went around the world in a few seconds, with Donald Trump who was also almost immediately blocked on the most important social networks, for violating several of the public regulations of the sites.

Feinstein wrote: "The PGA of America changes venue at the 2022 PGA Championship, take it away from Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey. Announce it today and make it clear once and for all: We don't want to have anything to do with it now Donald J.

Trump. Golf could have done more in response to the deaths of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and the Black Lives Matters movement. There are, of course, those who will compare the Capitol Hill events to the turmoil caused by the BLM movement.

We will never defend any kind of violence or destruction, but the comparison doesn't hold up here. This was an attack on the United States of America, an attack instigated by the President of the United States. It was unique, historic and terrifying.

In recent months, even the NFL, with its largely white and right-wing fan base, has publicly supported the players who chose to protest and apologized for how it handled the Colin Kaepernick case in 2016 and the protests during the before the anthem of 2017.

Golf is the whitest of all sports, in terms of players, media and fans. Golf is, without a doubt, also the most right-oriented sport. Had the 2020 elections been limited to the PGA Tour, there is no doubt that Trump would have won easily.

Icons like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson have supported Trump with great enthusiasm. Today we are facing another possible turning point: staying away from the Donald Trump man, not from the political Donald Trump. Thus it will become clear to everyone that anyone who incites violence for any reason in any future situation is not welcome in golf. "