Viktor Hovland Explains Move to Florida and Praises TPC Sawgrass

"Obviously in South Florida there aren't too many other places to beat, when it comes to playing golf there."

by Sead Dedovic
Viktor Hovland Explains Move to Florida and Praises TPC Sawgrass
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During his press conference, Viktor Hovland discussed various topics from the world of golf, as well as his personal life. The young Norwegian impressed golf fans last season, showing that he will certainly be one of the best in the future. 

Hovland is currently fourth on the OWGR list, which speaks volumes about his talent and qualities. 

The 26-year-old golfer made a big life change: he decided to leave Oklahoma and move to South Florida for many reasons. 

As a priority, he wants to progress and become even better in the future. It seems that South Florida can provide him with better conditions for development. Hovland has dilemmas right from the start; he is considering where his new home club will be. Viktor has highlighted that he spends great time in Florida, enjoying many things.

"Yeah, still trying to figure out where I want to practice full-time over there. I had a great time so far. I haven't really been doing too much besides playing golf," he said, as quoted by

South Florida is a fantastic place for the development of any golfer, including Hovland. He believes that it's hard to find a more ideal place than Florida for development. Oklahoma is a place where Hovland spent a lot of time and made great memories. It's a place that will always be dear to him, but he realized that for his progress, he had to make this life step. 

The Norwegian also commented on the weather conditions in Oklahoma, which weren't always ideal. Similarly, South Florida doesn't have perfect conditions, but Hovland believes he needs to adapt.

"Obviously in South Florida there aren't too many other places to beat, when it comes to playing golf there. I certainly miss Oklahoma, I miss the people out there, and the golf is great over there. You get some tough weather that you have to show up and grind in, which sometimes you don't quite get in South Florida, even though it's certainly windy enough, so that gives you some challenge."- he continued.

Hovland reflects on the weather conditions in Oklahoma, stressing that while he misses the challenging aspects like cold and windy days, the facilities for everyday practice are excellent, and the weather generally allows for consistent training in putting and chipping.

He emphasizes that the quality of facilities alone doesn't determine a player's skill. Instead, it's how effectively one utilizes those facilities to improve their game. He shares his perspective with others, suggesting that even if practice facilities aren't perfect, it's essential to make the most of them to enhance skills. 

Viktor Hovland
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Hovland is an interesting golfer with a unique mindset. At 26 years old, which is young for the golf world, he is extremely mature. It seems like the Norwegian has been on the big stage for years. This is one of the reasons why he impresses many day by day. Hovland is someone who always focuses on himself and ways to improve. Viktor isn't someone who seeks to blame others but rather looks at how to become better.

Hovland pointed out that moving to Florida is not going to make his game better. Viktor believes that he must practice and believe in his progress. He is aware that it is challenging, but his belief in himself is what pulls him forward.

TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass is a popular golf course that hosts The Players Championship, one of the PGA Tour's signature events, with Viktor Hovland also performing. It is also a course designed by Pete Dye. The 26-year-old golfer pointed out that he is a big fan of Pete Dye. There are many aspects with which he is impressed, which he also revealed during his press conference.

"I'm a big fan of Pete Dye golf courses in general," -the Norwegian said.

"I think this course does a really good job of separating the players that are on their game that week, and if you're a little bit off you get penalized."

Hovland stresses the course's layout, putting an accent on its difficulty in separating players who are on their game from those who aren't. He talked about the visual challenges presented by the tee shots and the small greens, along with the strategic placement of hazards like water. Despite these challenges, he enjoys playing on Dye's courses and has performed well at TPC Sawgrass in the past.

Viktor hopes that he can have a great performance this time as well. The Norwegian is optimistic and enjoys playing in this competition.

He praises Dye's design philosophy, noting that while his courses may appear narrow from the tee, there is actually ample room for play. He appreciates Dye's strategic use of angles, particularly on par-3 holes, and overall considers him a genius in golf course architecture.

Viktor Hovland