Ronnie O'Sullivan's: Alexander Palace - A 'Disgusting' Venue for Snooker Masters

O'Sullivan criticized the venue of the Masters and said he can't wait to leave the disgusting place

by Sededin Dedovic
Ronnie O'Sullivan's: Alexander Palace - A 'Disgusting' Venue for Snooker Masters
© George Wood / Getty Images

Ronnie O'Sullivan, widely regarded as the best snooker player in the world, did not hold back when he expressed his displeasure with the venue of the Masters tournament - London's historic "Alexander's Palace". After defeating Barry Hawkins in the quarter-finals, the seven-time world champion openly labeled the venue "disgusting".

In an interview with the BBC, O'Sullivan aired his complaints, saying: "I just don't like this place. It's disgusting. It's dirty everywhere. It's cold, I have to wear a coat everywhere. I'm really sick of this place. " He went on to reveal that the venue, built in 1865 and host to the Masters since 2012, triggers his purist sensibilities, making him uneasy and eagerly awaiting departure.

It is known that the players are not excessive fans of this Masters, but this is the first time that the best player of all time has said it publicly and directly.

Quick reply for Ronnie

The World Snooker Organization was quick to respond to O'Sullivan's criticism, highlighting their efforts in collaboration with Alexander Palace to ensure optimal conditions for players.

"We work together with 'Alexander Palace' to provide the best possible conditions for the players on and off the table. All the other players spoke unanimously positively about the venue. The fans love coming here. This is reflected in the record ticket sales and the fact that all seats sold out" - the snooker organization's announcement states.

Despite the organization defending the venue, O'Sullivan remains steadfast in his stance, expressing his desire to escape the confines of Alexander's Palace which has caused the most backlash. This event and statement adds an intriguing layer to O'Sullivan's upcoming semi-final clash against Shaun Murphy, heightening anticipation for the match.

O'Sullivan is, of course, the favorite, but it must be admitted that the opponent has also found form recently, and it can be said that this is the final before the final. Although O'Sullivan's criticism may spark debate about Alexander Palace's suitability for premier snooker events, he has not received the support of his colleagues who have been left speechless by the terms of this tournament.