Jon Rahm after Ryder Cup: I let the team down severely. It's disappointing

Jon Rahm is not happy about the celebration

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm after Ryder Cup: I let the team down severely. It's disappointing
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The Ryder Cup was an opportunity for the European team to achieve a victory on home soil. One of the main European players was Jon Rahm, a Spaniard who recently joined LIV Golf. The Golf Subpar podcast was an opportunity for Rahm to reminisce about the great win as well as the celebration after such an important win. You could feel how much passion there is within the European team from the very first day. Despite celebrating the victory, some individuals, including Rahm, didn't appear very energetic. He believes this he let his team down.

"I was the LVP, the least valuable player. I let the team down severely. It's disappointing... I thought it was going to be Shane [Lowry] but everybody told me that the dark horse in the race was Sepp Straka. Apparently, Sepp can put some drinks down."- Jon Rahm said, as reported by

Jon Rahm predicts great things for Viktor Hovland: He'll be No.1

The Spaniard has a great opinion of Hovland, whom golf experts believe will have an interesting future and could become a dominant force on the golf scene. Rahm shares the opinion. He believes that Hovland could be the leader in the rankings in a few years. Expectations are huge.

"Viktor Hovland. Viktor should be I think in my mind is the one that sets ahead... There's a lot of players with the potential to do that but I mean based on his progression the last few years I think he'd be in the clear, clear one."- Jon Rahm continued.

It is interesting that Rahm will continue his future on the LIV Golf scene. The question is how much he can really improve playing there. The future will best tell us what we can expect. His hopes are that LIV Golf will provide him with everything he needs.

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