Anonymous PGA Tour official on LIV Golf's message

PGA Tour leaders are angry with the behavior of the LIV Golf leader

by Sead Dedovic
Anonymous PGA Tour official on LIV Golf's message
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By arriving on the golf scene, LIV Golf showed that they have a lot of money, which is no wonder considering that they are financed by PIF. Already at the very beginning of LIV Golf's creation, many golfers decided to join this Tour. The PGA Tour leaders knew that they had to make some moves, and one of the moves was to increase the prizes at the tournaments. However, all this seems to make no sense, looking at the money that LIV has. Jon Rahm's departure deepened the frustrations of PGA Tour leaders. One PGA Tour official decided to anonymously comment on current events on the golf scene.

"Yasir stood down for a while"- a PGA Tour official said, as quoted by ESPN.

"But as he kept reading about all these other suitors, I think he just decided, let's go after the Masters champion, the guy who said he wouldn't be bought for any price, and name him a price he couldn't refuse.

The lesson here is if you have enough money, you can do whatever you want to in America.

The Saudis have figured that out. Yasir understands that."

LIV Golf and its money

LIV Golf leaders seem to be playing with money. They are already planning to lure some more PGA Tour players. If the financial offer is huge (and it certainly will be), it is hard for any of them to resist. Money seems to play a major role in today's sport. Players can't resist big numbers. LIV Golf has sent a clear message to the PGA Tour for some time. They want to have a leading role in the world of golf.

"It was nothing more than a shot across the bow.

It was a * you by PIF to the tour that they can grab anyone, even the guy who was adamant about not joining.

Three hundred million dollars is a rounding error to the Saudis.

Their message was: 'You want to keep fighting with us, really? You want to keep talking to everyone and box us out? Good luck with that.'

That's their message."

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