Tiger Woods: I don't like this thing about Charlie at all

Tiger Woods and Charlie are currently playing at the PNC Championship

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods: I don't like this thing about Charlie at all
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Looking at the world of golf, Tiger Woods is the person who without a doubt attracts the most attention. Especially when he is with his son. The two are currently competing at the PNC Championship. This is a great opportunity for many to notice the promising talent of 14-year-old Charlie. Although it is too early to prejudge the direction his career will take, it is evident that Charlie resembles his father a lot. Tiger and Charlie were seen smiling during their performance, and seem to have a healthy relationship. In an interview with the media, talking about his son, Tiger revealed one thing that annoys him about Charlie.

"I just don't like the fact that he stares at his phone all the time. Put your phone away and just look around. That's one of the things that I think all parents struggle with is most kids don't look up anymore. "- Woods said, as repored by golfmonthly.com

Tiger Woods has been nervous many times for the same reason. Woods emphasizes to his son that the world is beautiful and full of opportunities, despite his excessive phone usage.

"Everyone is looking down. Look around you, the world is so beautiful around you, just look up. But everyone is staring into a screen, and that's how people view life. It drives me nuts at times because he's always looking down and there's so many things around you that are so beautiful at the same time."

Tiger Woods gives an update on his injury

Golf fans were saddened by the long absence of Tiger Woods. Now that he's back, Woods has caused excitement among many. The fact that he feels much better and that he could soon show his class without problems with injuries makes us particularly happy.

"It's better. Today was definitely a bit better. I felt like I was able to knock a lot of the rust off there at Hero [World Challenge] and my hands felt better with control hitting shots.

Especially today with the wind blowing as hard as it was, I was able to hit flighted shots nicely, which was not quite on par or as sharp as I was, as I wanted to be at Hero."

Tiger Woods