Thomas Bjorn brutally honest about Jon Rahm's decision

"Most of us hope the game finds its position over the next period of time."- Bjorn said.

by Sead Dedovic
Thomas Bjorn brutally honest about Jon Rahm's decision
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Many golfers reacted to the news that Jon Rahm was leaving the PGA Tour and joining LIV Golf. Most were surprised, considering that Rahm had a great future on the PGA Tour. However, sometimes it's hard to say NO, especially when there's a lot of money at stake. Thomas Bjorn is also aware of this, as he did not want to criticize the young Spaniard's decision. Bjorn believes that man is an individual who constantly changes his mind.

"Because of Jon’s comments in the past, I think everyone was surprised. I’m not one to stand up and shout and say ‘you said this’. I get that there’s an offer on the table. There are certain things that change. In six, eight and 12 months the mindset becomes different. He’s exempt into all the major championships for the foreseeable future."- Thomas Bjorn said.

Thomas Bjorn talks about money aspect

Golf fans are hoping this could have positive consequences. When we think of positive consequences, the first association is the PIF-PGA Tour deal. Although there is little time left to make a deal, many are hopeful that it will happen. Bjorn tried to be realistic when talking about the money aspect.

"Most of us hope the game finds its position over the next period of time. I know Jon has a lot of good friends that are within the LIV structure. Obviously, there’s a money aspect to it. Don’t ever lose sight of that. Whatever the number is, it’s a lot of money. It is very difficult for a young man to say no to that out of principle."- he said, as reported by

Before Jon Rahm, many famous PGA Tour players decided to make the same move, although there were no indications of it. Rahm has plenty of friends at LIV Golf, but the question is whether that influenced his decision. The Spaniard is optimistic that his career can go in a positive direction, just as it has been so far.

"Jon Rahm has gone to LIV because that’s where the world is, like a lot of others have gone to LIV. And that’s the state of the game. The state of the game should be that the best guys go play against each other in great events all over the world.
Golf is an individual sport, but that does not mean there isn’t room for team golf. The pinnacle of the game is the major championships. That’s what the game is built on. When I was a kid at the driving range, it was about the individual drive to become as successful as I could."

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