Butch Harmon on Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf

"They've said all along that will never happen but what happened [with Rahm] is going to bring this closer to fruition"

by Sead Dedovic
Butch Harmon on Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf
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The golf scene is experiencing great changes. Jon Rahm confirmed yesterday that he has joined LIV Golf, surprising many. Although the Spaniard has denied many times that he will leave the PGA Tour, it turns out that he has changed his mind.

The legend of this sport, Butch Harmon does not want to be a pessimist in these difficult times. Harmon believes that this could mean a potential unification between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. "I think the more you see some of these players defect to the LIV tournament, it's going to make it easier for everyone to get back together again," -Butch Harmon said, as quoted by skysports.com!

"This may be the start of making that happen. I think they're going to have to push to get the PGA Tour together with LIV, and the DP World Tour, get them to talk and try to figure out a way for them to all live happily together." Harmon thinks golf might see some major changes and head in a new direction.

A lot of fans miss seeing all the big names on one tour. Right now, both sides have a ton of talent. The big question is whether this trend will keep going
"You may see LIV continuing to live the way they are, or you might see someone from the European tour and the American tour to be able to go back and forth and play one of each.

They've said all along that will never happen but what happened [with Rahm] is going to bring this closer to fruition and get them all to the same events at the same time. And that's all we want as fans."

Rich Beem and his interesting reaction

Sky Sports golf expert Rich Beem is someone who believes there is more to Jon Rahm's departure.

The PGA Tour could not offer players what LIV Golf can. However, the PGA Tour decided to increase the prizes and thus try to keep as many golfers as possible. "I absolutely think that. The PGA Tour has had problems financially.

I think that's one of the reasons they had to get away from the litigation they were having with the Saudi-backed tour. They were losing a lot of money that way, and they had to increase their prize money."

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