Rory McIlroy in fear after Jon Rahm's decision

"So that means golf is only going to be relevant four times a year, and that's good for no one in the game."

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy in fear after Jon Rahm's decision
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Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf caused a lot of chaos and worries among sports fans about what's ahead for golf. Just a few months ago, Rahm had denied any plans of joining LIV Golf. But things have quickly changed. Golf experts see this as a major turning point that could lead other PGA Tour golfers to make the same choice.

Rory McIlroy, a golf legend from the PGA Tour, is concerned that this move might create even more chaos in the world of golf.
"My fear is that we continue down this path where we have competing tours, and it divides the eyeballs that are on the game, some people like LIV, the majority of people like PGA Tour," -Rory told Skysports!

"But if LIV start to take a few players each and every year, it's really going to be divided. And that's no good for anyone, you're basically cannibalising yourself as a sport." Similar things happen in other sports, not only golf.

Money has become crucial, and it is really difficult to predict in which direction everything will go. "Sort of the same as what boxing has done with all the different organizations and a few other sports as well. So to me having all the best golfers under the one umbrella is the best way forward, because I think that's really what the public wants."

Rory McIlroy reacts to Jon Rahm's departure

The best golfers from both Tours will not have the opportunity to play together.

This could cause dissatisfaction among the fans of this sport. However, golf fans are aware that money currently plays the most important role. It will be necessary to make certain decisions that will enable the best to compete against each other.

McIlroy wants peace to reign again on the golf scene. This situation does not benefit anyone. Both Tours could lose a lot in the conflict. "My fear is, and the Majors are already so big, if we keep going down this path, all the best players are only gonna get together four times a year.

So that means golf is only going to be relevant four times a year, and that's good for no one in the game. That's my feeling of it. We need to get everyone back together and try to forget about what's happened in the past, let bygones be bygones and we all move forward together, and I think that's what's going to be the best thing for the professional game."- McIlroy concluded.

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