Scottie Scheffler impressed by Tiger Woods!

"For him to be able to do it like he has been doing it for so many years is pretty miraculous."

by Sead Dedovic
Scottie Scheffler impressed by Tiger Woods!
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The Hero World Challenge is underway, but today's statements by Scottie Scheffler have caused mixed reactions. Scheffler ambitiously entered another challenge in his career, with the optimism that he can make a good result.

However, Scheffler seems particularly impressed with Tiger Woods. Watching Woods prepare, Scheffler realized that many would have a difficult task. "I love looking down the range and seeing him hit balls and hearing that sound.

He's still got the same sound, which is amazing," -Scottie said, as quoted by
Scottie hasn't played since the Ryder Cup. He knew that it would not be easy to come back and show his full glory after a long absence.

On the other hand, Woods has not played since April this year. Precisely because of this, Scheffler is surprised by the readiness of Woods, who has been struggling with injuries for a long time. "I feel rusty coming off two months without a tournament.

He goes almost a year at a time and he comes back and he plays fine golf. For him to come back and make cuts in majors and do what he has been doing in his comebacks, it's really hard to comprehend until you do it out here.

Getting back into competitive golf is something you can't really simulate at home, it's so much different. For him to be able to do it like he has been doing it for so many years is pretty miraculous."

Scottie Scheffler is impressed with Tiger Woods

When you're a young golfer, you dream of one day playing with Woods.

For Scottie, that dream came true three years ago. Woods' motivation particularly delighted him. Although he has achieved great success in his career, Tiger is always eager for success. Precisely because of this, the opponents were afraid when they went out on the course with him.

"The first time I played with him was the Masters we had during COVID. It was in the fall and he wasn't really at the top of his game. It was the day he made a 10 on NNo. 12 at Augusta. He's just different than everybody else.

Anybody else would kind of say, oh, whatever, I've already won this tournament four, five times, whatever he has and just kind of pack it in for the last six holes." In order to become a great athlete, your desire to succeed must be enormous at every moment.

"He turns around and he birdies five out of the last six. He hit still to me or still to this day it's the purest iron shot I've ever seen on 16. He got mad still, and he's so competitive and he's so driven and he's so good, he's different. He's different than the rest of us."

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