Kevin Na disappointed with Sihwan Kim's performance this season

Sihwan Kim really had a disappointing season and Kevin NA's comments are justified

by Sededin Dedovic
Kevin Na disappointed with Sihwan Kim's performance this season
© Rob Carr / Getty Images

This year has undeniably been a challenging one for a member of the LIV Golf community, with Kevin Na expressing his heartfelt concern. Sihwan Kim has endured a truly dreadful season, finding himself mired in the relegation zone.

Kevin Na has openly shared his deep empathy for a close friend's struggle, as reported by Golf Magic. Na acknowledges the immense difficulty Kim has faced throughout the year, and he remains a steadfast pillar of support during these trying times.

The golfer's compassionate sentiments reveal the unwavering bond and camaraderie that transcends the competitive world of golf. "Sihwan has had a tough year. I played with him last week on Sunday and I saw his game improve quite a bit.

It's been difficult to watch." He continued by stating that Kim has consistently demonstrated tremendous resilience and a positive attitude throughout this challenging year. Kim's unwavering dedication and hard work in the face of adversity make the difficulties all the more regrettable.

Na added: "I give him props for that and his game is coming around. We saw him last year, how well he played in Thailand and what he's capable of, and winning The Asian Tour International Series money title. We always tell him that, look, you're probably going to go win one of those Q-School and be back on the team." Even if Kim can't reverse his situation, Kevin Na envisions their relationship and friendship remaining unchanged: "We're already discussing the prospect of meeting him in Korea when we visit and enjoying some quality time together.

I believe our friendship is enduring and will stand the test of time. Nevertheless, we wish him the very best and hope to witness his return to the team." Other members of the LIV Golf group have also taken notice of Kim's struggles.

Brooks Koepka, in particular, shared his frustration in trying to support someone who might not be open to assistance. Undeniably, it has been a challenging year for the golfer, and his future on the rebel tour is now hanging in the balance.