Brandel Chamblee is worried about Jon Rahm's future on the PGA Tour!

Brandel Chamblee fears the departure of big stars from the PGA Tour

by Sead Dedovic
Brandel Chamblee is worried about Jon Rahm's future on the PGA Tour!
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Phil Mickelson's statement yesterday that many golf stars want to join LIV Golf caused a large number of reactions. The golf world is experiencing big changes, and if some of the PGA Tour stars really come to LIV Golf, real chaos could arise.

Jon Rahm is often mentioned as one of those who could join LIV Golf. Brandel Chamblee is one of the first to react to Phil Mickelson's statements. Phil is extremely optimistic about the future of LIV Golf. Brandel Chamblee expressed concern in a press conference.

He is aware that many may decide to come to this Tour. "It's inevitable others will join," -Chamble wrote on social media!

Brandel Chamblee is worried about Jon Rahm

The PGA Tour has strong ambassadors, first and foremost: Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

If some of the PGA Tour stars were to leave this competition, the PGA Tour leaders would have huge problems. Chamblee is afraid that Jon Rahm could be one of those who will leave the PGA Tour. The Spaniard has expressed many times so far that he is satisfied playing on the PGA Tour.

However, the money that LIV Golf has could be an important factor in changing his mind. We do not want to prejudge things, considering that Rahm had the opportunity to become part of LIV Golf earlier. We will have to be patient and wait to see what happens.

"As I don't think the money/temptation will go away, but there are very few stars that truly make a difference; such as Tiger and Rory and even Rahm… Rahm worries me a bit as he seems open to the idea, but I sense that his deep knowledge of the history of the game and his obvious future place in it will keep him from selling out. I hope that's the case." LIV Golf intends to upset the plans of the PGA Tour!

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