Billy Horschel wants Tiger Woods as the next captain of the US team

To many, Tiger Woods seems like an interesting option

by Sead Dedovic
Billy Horschel wants Tiger Woods as the next captain of the US team
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The US team did not show what was expected of them, so there have already been rumors about who could become the new captain of the US team. Many are not satisfied with Zach Johnson's job, and believe that it is necessary to find the right solution.

The famous golfer, Billy Horschel, thinks that Tiger Woods would be the best option as the captain of the US teams of the next Ryder Cup. Given the experience, qualities, and mentality of Woods, such an option really seems like a good one.

"You look at the Ryder Cup history and the US has not had a back-to-back Ryder Cup captain, not since Ben Hogan in the late 1940s, so going off history I don’t think Zach will be asked to captain the side in two years time.

Who will that be? I don’t know. The strategy was to have an assistant captain or a captain-to-be to step-up to take over after each Ryder Cup. Tiger is the obvious choice, in my opinion. It’s time to get Tiger in as Ryder Cup captain, and then after Tiger it’s time to get some younger captains in there."- Billy Horschel said, as quoted by

Billy Horschel: It's time to turn the wheel over a little bit

Throughout its history, the US team has had many stars in its team, but the captains who led the team were also really phenomenal.

Horschel remembers many of them and has good relations with most of them. Changes are necessary at this moment. Everything starts with the captain. He needs to lead by example, set a good example for the team and be a role model.

“Davis (Love III), (Steve) Stricker and (Jim) Furyk have each done a great job, and I’m friends with each of them, but it’s time to turn the wheel over a little bit. Let’s just maybe shake-up a few things and see if it works as what we’ve done the last six years or so has been pretty successful.

We really don’t want to do too much different but I do think we need a little fresher blood in the US team and Tiger as captain couldn’t hurt”.

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