Robert MacIntyre after his first Ryders: "I was almost crying walking off the range"

Robert MacIntyre about his first Ryders Cup

by Sededin Dedovic
Robert MacIntyre after his first Ryders: "I was almost crying walking off the range"
© Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images

It's been a few days since the Ryders Cup in Rome ended and Team Europe easily beat Team USA. It was very exciting, and the comments after Team USA's loss did not stop. The American public was looking for a culprit for the defeat.

The Ryders Cup is very popular and has a special meaning for all golfers. Some never-to-be-forgotten things in golf happened at this cup, which always attracts a lot of attention from journalists and the public. Robert MacIntyre admitted that this CUP has a great meaning for him and said that he was very excited when he heard that he would be performing.

When he was about to go out for the first match, he says that he almost broke down and almost started crying. Fortunately, he had a good team and he got Justin Rose as a teammate, to which Robert expressed great satisfaction, which could be seen in his reactions.

"He [Rose] seen I was nervous. I mean, I was almost crying walking off the range. He came over and put his arm around me and goes: 'Everything is going to be all right, this will be over in two and a half minutes.' He was brilliant.

He is so experienced. He kept me calm. He trusted me. He believed in me." "And then [on] Saturday he just kept believing in me, even when I still hadn't holed a putt for 12 holes... Once I holed that [on 13th], he just put his arm around me and was like, 'That's what it's all about.

We stay in this fight and we fight together.' He was incredible the whole week. He was someone that I knew I got along with but now I know him on a different level."as quoted by Sportskeeda Robert MacIntyre is pleased with his performance despite the defeat.

He emphasized that he is very young, he is only 27 years old, and hopefully he has many more important Cups ahead of him. His teammate and friend Justin Rose has already participated several times, so he could learn a lot from him because Rose is very experienced at the age of 43.