Rory McIlroy reveals who was the hero in the conflict between him and LaCava

Rory McIlroy expressed his anger after being provoked by Joe LaCava


Rory McIlroy reveals who was the hero in the conflict between him and LaCava
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Even before the start of the Ryder Cup, it was known that Rory McIlroy would be the main weapon of the European team. His experience and quality surfaced, and he is probably the most deserving of his team's victory. The Northern Irishman was delighted as he corrected the mistakes of 2021 and brought his team the trophy.

One incident also marked Rory McIlroy's performance. Namely, you are all familiar with the conflict between Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava. Joe LaCava waved his hat in front of Rory, which caused frustration for the Northern Irishman.

The conflict continued off the field as well. However, there was Jim 'Bones' Mackay 'even though he was not part of that conflict' Rory was impulsive towards him and said a lot of 'bad words' After the Ryder Cup, McIlroy decided to apologize to Mackay.

“Yeah, I text Bones this morning. He was the first American I saw after I got out of the locker room so he was the one that took the brunt of it. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I text Bones this morning and apologized for that.

" McIlroy could not hide his anger at the behavior of LaCava who wanted to provoke a reaction from McIlroy and thus create chaos. "I was angry coming out of that yesterday. I was pretty angry. I didn't agree with what happened on 18, but I think I let it fuel the fire today and it focused me and I was able to go out there and get my point." Unfortunately, as Rory had already said, Bones was in the wrong place.

"It was directed at Joe but said at Bones. But Joe wasn't there”.

Shane Lowry calmed the situation

Shane Lowry turned out to be the hero of this story, and Rory is grateful for that. Lowry came at the right moment, took Rory to the Hotel, and calmed down the situation.

Who knows what would have happened if Lowry hadn't acted like that? “I was relieved. He took me down to the cold plunge in the hotel and let me cool off there for a few minutes, too. Yeah, very relieved”.

Rory Mcilroy