Rory McIlroy on the biggest goal he is aiming for

McIlroy is still under the impression of a great performance at Marco Simone

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy on the biggest goal he is aiming for
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The US team must forget about this year's appearance at the Ryder Cup as soon as possible and focus on 2025. That very year, the US team will play on home soil against the Europeans. This year they learned an important lesson.

Rory McIlroy will probably play the next Ryder Cup as well, if he doesn't get injured, and his ambitions are to win titles again. Although it turned out to be a difficult feat to win away from home, McIlroy is optimistic. "So I've said this for the last probably six or seven years to anyone that will listen: I think one of the biggest accomplishments in golf right now is winning an away Ryder Cup.

And that's what we're going to do at Bethpage."- Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by!

Rory McIlroy talks about Ryder Cup 2021

The fact that his team suffered a serious defeat at the 2021 Ryder Cup frustrates McIlroy.

He cured those frustrations this year, considering that he was the main player of his team, and was of great help to them in lifting another trophy. It looked like McIlroy had been waiting all these two years to right the wrongs of 2021.

"The score line, 19-9, that hurt. Personally for me, I didn't feel like I gave my best performance, and I didn't feel like I did my part for the team. And you know, there was a few of us up here that were on that team that wanted to come back.

And everyone at the start of the week was talking about, 'Oh, do you want to get revenge, do you want to get revenge on the US Team?' and this wasn't about revenge. This was about redemption and showing what we could do. There's been a plan in place.

We've known months in advance, basically, what the game plan was, how we were going to execute it, and then it just comes down to everyone getting on the golf course and being themselves and playing the way they know that they can play.

And this is the result, which is amazing." Two years ago, he suffered a defeat. He knew he had to learn some lessons and apply them now. When you are on the losing side, the disappointment is immediately noticeable. Being a winner is what everyone strives for, but in the end, someone has to lose.

"I've luckily been a part of a few winning Ryder Cup teams and it feels amazing, but at the same time, being part of a losing Ryder Cup Team s, it really does. I'm much happier sitting up here and talking to you guys today than I was two years ago at Whistling Straits."

Rory Mcilroy