Rory McIlroy confident of victory for his team at Bethpage 2025

Great play by Rory Mcllroy at yesterdays game


Rory McIlroy confident of victory for his team at Bethpage 2025
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Rory McIlroy brought Team Europe another victory, their twelfth. No one was hiding their satisfaction in Team Europe after Rory McIlroy's great game and victory in his singles match against Sam Burn. Rory really gave a great game, everyone could enjoy his skills.

It is important to point out that he won four points for his team in the five matches he played and thus made a great contribution to his team. Of course, he was expected to play in this way and bring points, he currently won the most points for his team.

Rory McIlroy seemed really happy at the press conference after the win. He said that he and his teammates came to Rome for the Ryders Cup to win it because the memory of 2021 and his one point in 4 matches is still very fresh.

Everyone from his team attended the conference, visibly satisfied. Rory said on behalf of himself and his team that he will make amends for that defeat and bad game and that he will win the Cup in 2025 in Bethpage. "I think the hardest thing in golf is to win an away Ryder Cup.

And we're going to do that at Bethpage." "It means an awful lot. I was so disappointed after Whistling Straits. We all were. And we wanted to come here to Rome this year and redeem ourselves a bit. We've got some fresh blood on the team that I think has worked really, really well."as quoted by SportSkeeda

Rory McIlroy emphasizes the importance of the team over the individual

The Northern Irishman explained that he and individual results are not important, but team spirit is important.

We have to admit that this year the team spirit in his team is at an extremely high level, and Rory is most deserving of that. "I just knew that I needed to put in a better performance for my teammates this week, and thankfully, I was able to do that," McIlroy said.

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