Luke Donald 'in fear' before the Ryder Cup?!

As a result of the captain's comments, it seems there is a bit of fear of the US team


Luke Donald 'in fear' before the Ryder Cup?!
Luke Donald 'in fear' before the Ryder Cup?! © Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images Sport

While we waited a long time for the Ryder Cup to begin, it seems we have welcomed it with open arms. Two days from now, this great competition will begin in which both teams (US and European) have great ambitions. The captain of the European team, Luke Donald, prepared his team in the right way.

In addition to scouting, he has put in a great deal of effort and work. The captain of this team has shown countless times that he is confident in his players. There is some reason for optimism due to the great shape of European players lately.

"As a captain you have to be confident and I certainly have a lot of belief in my team. You have to have belief that you're going to get them into a place where they are going to be successful. It is going to be difficult - the US team are very strong, high up in the world rankings and they have some great partnerships and have had a lot of success.

We are coming off our worst defeat ever. We have our work cut out but I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. I feel like my team is ready. I am very excited about the team I have and the challenge ahead."- Luke Donald said, as quoted by

Luke Donald: Being at home is an advantage

Given that they will be playing on European soil (in Rome), Donald expects the Europeans to do well.

During this time, the European team needs the support of the fans. According to statements made by European golfers and fans, this competition could be the most exciting yet! "We know being at home is an advantage. Having that support behind you is helpful.

It picks up your energy and you can feed off it. We are looking forward to having a lot more support this time around. It was lacking during Covid [in 2021]." Looking at the quality of both teams, it is certain that we are in for a real spectacle.

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