Zach Johnson explained how he chose the team for the Ryder Cup in Rome.

Johnson statement about how he made a team for Ryder Cup

by Sededin Dedovic
Zach Johnson explained how he chose the team for the Ryder Cup in Rome.
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The Ryder Cup, which is being held in Rome, will start soon. A big golfing event, which always attracts a lot of attention. In addition to real golf fans, people who do not follow golf are often interested in this cup. Zach Johnson and his United States team also arrived in the Italian capital.

Since this cup is about to start, a press conference was held in which Johnson also spoke and which was held at the Marco Simone Golf Club. "I can answer all of those in a very simple manner. We have a points system within the PGA of America, within the Ryder Cup USA.

It's pretty evident how you garner points and which tournaments can accumulate points."

Johnson claims that he had a very broad list of players he could count on, but in the end he had to narrow that list down to the best.

Zach Johnson was at great pains to prepare the team for this cup. He worked constantly and tracked potential players, eventually compiling a list of the top 20 players that he says he guarantees are the best of the best. It will be interesting to watch this year's Ryder Cup in Rome.

"I basically, you know, I kept at one point… my own probably top 30, but when it got down towards the end of the process, it was the top 20, the top 25 guys in that point system that I felt like had the merit and certainly, well, should have my full attention," Johnson said.

as quoted by Sportskeeda "That's where I was. I was basically in the top 20, top 25 guys in points when it came down to formulating this Team USA," Zach Johnson concluded. "Yeah, definitely, I am playing better than Winged Foot.

If you look at it, it would have been nice to at least just have a call. There's numerous people that I think Zach should have called out here, and we didn't get that."

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