Ludvig Aberg is cautious: One thing will be crucial at the Ryder Cup

Aberg will have the opportunity to show his talent to the whole world!

by Sead Dedovic
Ludvig Aberg is cautious: One thing will be crucial at the Ryder Cup
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Ludvig Aberg is probably a name you could have heard many times in the last few weeks and months. Although he started his professional career in the 6th month of this year, Aberg impressed all golf fans, as well as players.

This young Swede is one of the main topics in the golf world, especially after he was selected to be part of the European Ryder Cup team. For those who didn't have the chance to watch him, the Ryder Cup will be a great chance to see what kind of talent he is.

Aberg emphasized in a recent interview that he feels nervous before such an important tournament. He is aware of what the Ryder Cup means, and how important a victory would be for him and his team. The most important thing is that Ludvig believes in his team, given that a positive team spirit can be felt.

"I think as European, we have that team camaraderie, and it is a team event," -Ludvig Aberg said, as per "We normally play for ourselves but now we are actually playing for something else and something bigger.

I think, you know to, have that support from your teammates next to you is going to be crucial and if you don't feel that, it's going to be difficult to perform but that's going to give you a little bit of an edge I think.

So I think the day we had in Rome was great for that reason and I think we need to keep that up the next few weeks, too."

Ludvig Aberg: Me and Viktor can speak the same language

Ludvig Aberg had the opportunity to spend time with his teammates.

It is clear that they have already established a great relationship, and that they trust each other. Nevertheless, Aberg spent the most time with Hovland, considering that there was no language barrier between them. Aberg also emphasized that he cannot speak his mother tongue with Nicolai Hojgaard, given that Danish is somewhat different.

"It's great. So me and Viktor, we can speak the same language. I can't do that with Nicolai because Danish is very difficult. It makes it a little bit easier and we are kind of coming from the same background. So I guess we can relate to each other on a similar level.

For me it's a lot of fun to be around those environments and be around those guys and learn and pick up some stuff here and there and try to apply that to my own game."

Ludvig Aberg Ryder Cup