Cameron Smith considers OWGR irrelevant

LIV Golfers do not have the possibility to secure points by playing tournaments at LIV Golf

by Sead Dedovic
Cameron Smith considers OWGR irrelevant
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The Official World Golf Rankings are a topic of much debate. Many believe that the OWGR is currently not a true indicator of the strength ratio between golfers. The creation of LIV Golf and the departure of many there made great changes in the world of golf.

LIV Golfers are not able to earn OWGR points by playing in LIV Golf tournaments. Although Cameron Smith has had some great performances, he is still 11th on the OWGR list. The Australian is not happy with that and considers the OWGR irrelevant.

"It’s a hard one to let go but I feel like it’s almost become irrelevant, especially for how I’ve played. Even during the Majors. I didn’t win a Major this year but I had a fourth and ninth in there as well, so a pretty solid Major season.

If I didn’t play well in those four events, I think you’d find me way outside where I am at the moment. I don’t think it’s a very accurate reflection of where I am at the moment, but that’s just the way it is”.

- Cameron Smith said, as quoted by!

Cameron Smith: I think everyone wants to win

Playing at LIV Golf, he showed that his qualities are truly enormous. No matter what happens, the Australian is focused on being the best he can be.

“We‘re competitors and I think everyone wants to win. So every time we were up at a golf tournament, you should want to win. It definitely hasn’t changed for me at all”. The Australian Open will also be a huge motivation for him to make a big success this time!

"I think I just need to do a better job of managing some time within that first week. I just felt really lethargic the next week and obviously didn’t play that good, so it’s a bit of a bummer”.

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