Ernie Els on criticism directed at Luke Donald: It doesn't surprise me

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Ernie Els on criticism directed at Luke Donald: It doesn't surprise me
Ernie Els on criticism directed at Luke Donald: It doesn't surprise me © Warren Little / Getty Images Sport

Luke Donald is the person who has received the most criticism in the past few days. Many are not satisfied with his picks for the European Ryder Cup team. Although Donald chose the best and those who he thinks can contribute to the team in the best way, it is obvious that fans of European teams still believe that Donald did not choose the best.

He received the most criticism for not picking Adrian Meronk. Ernie Els, the golf legend, who has experience with this, believes that Donald would have received criticism regardless of his picks. “Yeah, you're always going to get criticised.

I was when I had to make my selections. You've got to leave somebody out. It's almost obvious. But there's always a plan by why you are making certain decisions. It's really got to do with pairing, just the whole team concept. As long as players don't take it personally, that will be good.

But it's hard for players not to sometimes take it personally because you give your whole life to playing Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, then you get left out. It's very hard on the player, harder on the player that gets left out, but it's as hard on the captain because you have to live and die by your decision”.

- Ernie Els said, as per!

Ernie Els on Luke Donald

Luke Donald has already prepared the team and tactics for what lies ahead. He is aware that he has a strong team at his disposal. Ambitions are big. Looking at the names that the European team currently has, it seems that they could succeed in their intention this year.

Donald has a great responsibility; Being a captain and leading such a team is certainly not easy! "Being on the team for many, many years, it's everything (on the radio) from very lighthearted to very tense stuff depending on where you are in the matches.

A lot of organization stuff going on, especially from management, management telling you where you have to be at certain times of the day, especially if you're captain, the vice captains. It's strategy, making sure that the players stay on their strategy that we planned."