Jon Rahm on Nicklaus' bizarre advice he listened to before the Masters!

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Jon Rahm on Nicklaus' bizarre advice he listened to before the Masters!
Jon Rahm on Nicklaus' bizarre advice he listened to before the Masters! © Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Sport

It was evident that Jon Rahm is a great player and that he has great qualities at the last Masters. The majority of people know Rahm's qualities, but few expected him to win the Masters. In addition, very few people know how the Spaniard prepared for the Masters.

Here's a little secret: Jack Nicklaus is one of this story's actors! “I took advice from Jack Nicklaus a little bit different to what I probably would have done," - Jon Rahm told Golf Digest Podcast, as quoted by!

“He told me before a lot of Majors what he would do is go to the venue, play Wednesday, Thursday, Friday then fly home, put the clubs in the closet and not touch them until Monday. I was like OK I’m going to try this.

I told Kelley (Rahm's wife), OK, my swing coach Davie Phillips is going to fly in and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I’m going to go as intense as I can be." Rahm had no qualms about listening to Nicklaus. He decided to go a level higher!

“Friday at Silverleaf they have what they call a black and blues…which is a skins game. You go and have fun. And we took that to an extreme. I told Kelley we’re going to have fun. I’m playing with friends and we’re playing music, drinking.

We stopped counting after eight drinks."

Jon Rahm reveals the details of his story

Jon Rahm was obviously ready to accept such a method of preparation and expected that he could be lucky at the Masters. It turned out that listening to Nicklaus was the best possible option for him.

"The funny part is we started counting afterwards and none of us, I didn’t even know what I shot. I had no idea. I mean, I was making putts, but I was like I don’t know, I shot pretty good, it was a good round.

And it ended up being 60. Ended up collecting a whole lot of cash thanks to that, even though I gave a lot of strokes back. Then did not touch a club Saturday and Sunday, went Monday to the Masters and I win it, amazing."

Jon Rahm

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