Viktor Hovland shares how he changed to be successful

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Viktor Hovland shares how he changed to be successful
Viktor Hovland shares how he changed to be successful © Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images Sport

The 2023 FedEx Cup title was won by Viktor Hovland with a 7-under-par 63 on Sunday. Hovland is a golfer that many cannot recognize, given that he has made enormous progress in a short period of time. The young Norwegian showed that effort and work bring results.

However, there are many aspects that Hovland has worked on to achieve success. In an interview with the media, Viktor revealed that his mentality is completely different than it was at the beginning of his career. He understood that mistakes, anger, and stress cannot bring positive results.

"Well, to sum it up, throughout the year, I feel like my short game has improved massively; course management has been a big deal, too," -the Norwegian said, as quoted by "I'm not short-siding myself as much as I used to, and just handling adversity a lot better because I believe in my game, and if I hit one bad shot or make one mistake, it's not the end of the world.

I kept pressing on, making birdies, and suddenly we're back in it again."

Viktor Hovland explains his change

Hovland analyzed himself and his game a lot and tried to understand where he made the biggest mistake. In the end, he realized that blaming yourself for bad moves or being angry during a bad game cannot help you in any case.

Viktor now accepts his mistakes much more easily and does not allow them to influence him. "Before, it felt like I had to not give up any shots to shoot a good round of golf. Now that's not true anymore. I can hit one bad one, get up and down, move on, and birdie the next three, and then suddenly, we're right there." This kind of mentality must bring you results at some point. Of course, effort, work, and quality are also necessary.