Phil Mickelson reacts to Tiger Woods' new engagement: Awesome news

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Phil Mickelson reacts to Tiger Woods' new engagement: Awesome news
Phil Mickelson reacts to Tiger Woods' new engagement: Awesome news

Tiger Woods has been appointed to the PGA Tour Policy Board. There was mostly a positive reaction to this news, owing to the fact that it could be a sign of much better things for the strongest golf tour in the world. There is no doubt that Tiger Woods is a great man, who is always willing to help the PGA Tour when it is needed.

There have been many famous people from the world of golf who have reacted positively to this news, including those from the 'rival' tour as well. As a matter of fact, Phil Mickelson, the man who left the PGA Tour and went to LIV Golf, believes that this will be a significant thing for the PGA Tour in the future.

It is awesome news that Tigger is involved in the project, Phil said via social media. "This is great to see," Mickelson wrote on Twitter. "Players having equal representation on the board, Tiger getting more involved, and accountability across the board.

Awesome news."

Tiger Woods is happy with the new engagement

It seems that Tiger Woods intends to continue to be involved in golf regardless of all the things he has been through in the last few years. The PGA Tour has a very strong bond with Woods, and he has an undeniable love for it.

During his time on the PGA Tour, he experienced many beautiful moments, trophies and many other things. There is no doubt that this is going to be a big deal for players and fans alike.
"I am honoured to represent the players of the PGA Tour," Woods said, as quoted by "This is a critical point for the Tour, and the players will do their best to make certain that any changes that are made in Tour operations are in the best interest of all TOUR stakeholders, including fans, sponsors and players.

The players thank Commissioner Monahan for agreeing to address our concerns, and we look forward to being at the table with him to make the right decisions for the future of the game that we all love."

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