Padraig Harrington: I didn't do enough to be part of the Ryder Cup team

"Golfers are dreamers, well they should be dreamers anyway!"

by Sead Dedovic
Padraig Harrington: I didn't do enough to be part of the Ryder Cup team

Padraig Harrington has been mentioned for several months as a golfer who should be part of the Ryder Cup team. As Harrington has stated numerous times so far, he wants to play for the European team and has an immense desire to do so.

By judging by the new statements Padraig has made, it seems that he is not optimistic that he will be part of the team in this year's Ryder Cup. "Unfortunately I think I haven’t done enough. As I’m playing such a limited schedule on the regular tour, I needed to do more in the Scottish [Open] and The Open, those in particular.

I needed to push forward, but I just think I haven’t played enough events to give myself a better [chance], I know there are a couple of events to go but even then. "- Padraig said, as quoted by Padraig already had a meeting with Luke Donald, the captain of the European team.

“I have talked to Luke about it [being selected], we have talked about it. But I think he had about 18 of his players at a dinner in Scotland and I was not there so I was always outside that fringe, so I needed to push on in Scotland and The Open”.

Padraig Harrington talks about his goals

Hope dies last! Padraig is not thinking about giving up. From the first day, he believed in himself and knew that he was born for great things. "Golfers are dreamers, well they should be dreamers anyway!

I am always dreaming. I get up and practice and every time I go to the range it is an opportunity to look forward and hope." If you really believe in yourself, then anything is possible. That's the premise Harrington seems to believe.

“There is always a possibility of doing something. I am delighted I am playing well. I felt physically I was playing well the last couple of years, sometimes not so ho* mentally but the Champions Tour has really helped me in that department… you have to create your own reality and believe it”.

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