Padraig Harrington on ambitions for the Open

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Padraig Harrington on ambitions for the Open
Padraig Harrington on ambitions for the Open

Padraig Harrington is a man who has done great things on the golf scene. Although a lot has already passed since his last trophy at the Open (2008), the fact that he managed to win the trophy of the same name twice in a row speaks volumes about how great Padraig is.

Even though he is 51 years old, he still believes in progress and thinks that there is always room for it. “I am physically capable. I have gotten a lot better mentally over the last couple of years because of the Champions Tour." Putting pressure on yourself can be a big problem for golfers.

When you are experienced, and when you have many performances behind you, then you know how to deal with certain things. “It all comes down to my discipline between now and The Open. If I prepare properly, I believe. If I don’t prepare properly, I’m only paying lip service to it.

On the course you need dependability. If I turn up at The Open thinking I need to hole some putts, that I can’t afford to miss any eight-footers, all I’m doing is heaping pressure on myself from the start."
Harrington seems to have already planned what to do at the Open.

Many analyzes and factors are involved. The mental aspect is a very important factor. “With nine holes to go, back to the wall, you are going to play. I believe I’m great mentally in that situation but it’s the 63 holes before because you cannot have that intensity for 72 holes.

I cannot rely on those nine holes, three holes, playoff or whatever. You need your head in the game for Thursday morning”.

Padraig Harrington talks about Ryder Cup

He has emphasized countless times how important the Open is to him.

He will do his best to attract the attention of Luke Donald, the captain. Luke could tell how great Padraig had been lately. “If I get into contention, I will change my plans and play a schedule in Europe. It is very important for any player to make that kind of effort for the team.

The Champions Tour is great but I have to perform in regular events. Nobody is picking a Ryder Cup player based on the Champions Tour. It has to be against my peers. I can push my way in by playing well”. Source: Golfmonthly