Scottie Scheffler on the merger: We still don't really have a lot of clarity

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Scottie Scheffler on the merger: We still don't really have a lot of clarity
Scottie Scheffler on the merger: We still don't really have a lot of clarity

The PGA Tour/PIF Senate Hearing did not bring anything new. Fans of this sport, golfers, and many others were surprised because they did not learn any particularly interesting information. The PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger was a huge surprise for everyone.

A large number of golfers were left in shock after the merger, especially because they were not familiar with it and did not know it would happen. Because of this, a large number of golfers remained angry and furious. Scottie Scheffler is one of those.

Although he watched The PGA Tour/PIF Senate Hearing, Scheffler was disappointed that he didn't learn anything new.
"I just think that yesterday we didn't really learn a whole lot again," -Scottie said. "As a player on Tour, we still don't really have a lot of clarity as to what's going on and that's a bit worrisome.

They keep saying it's a player-run organisation but we don't really have the information that we need. I watched part of yesterday and didn't learn anything. It's just a framework agreement right now so I don't know what that entails.

We are not involved in any of the discussions. None of the players were involved in the original framework agreement."

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Scottie has emphasized many times before now how much he loves the PGA Tour. He confirmed his loyalty when LIV Golf's offer came.

However, it seems that this loyalty was not returned to him in the same way. Scottie and the others had no idea what was going on 'behind the scenes' The PGA Tour betrayed their trust. "We are the ones that voted to put them in that position to be there and we want their voices to be heard, and that was really the only frustration with the original announcement is that none of those four or five guys were involved at all," -Scheffler continued.

"I love playing golf on the PGA Tour and I'm hoping that's going to exist for a long time. I felt like we were doing a good job before and then the agreement happened and now we have to navigate the whole deal”. Source: Golfmonthly

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