Billy Horschel experiences difficult moments: I had to cry

Billy Horschel is disappointed with his poor form and performances

by Sead Dedovic
Billy Horschel experiences difficult moments: I had to cry

Billy Horschel is experiencing difficult moments in his career. Certain things do not go his way, and it can be very tiring. Horschel tries to find a recipe for his bad form and tries to fix things. However, there are frequent moments when he feels disappointed by everything, and even cries.

“I had two low points. Bay Hill after missing that cut, we had a discussion with Mark Horton, my stats guy and Mark Fulcher, who was caddying for me. And it was a lively discussion for about 45 minutes in the parking lot.

I went back to the room - I think even before I got back to the room, just in my car, just thinking about the discussion and thinking about where the game was and where I want to be and where I’m not at the moment.

I sort of just broke down a little bit”. - Horschel said, as per

Billy Horschel explains his hard moments

Horschel tries to be strong in every moment of his life. But sometimes it's human to be weak, especially when you're not feeling well.

Billy had a hard time accepting the bad moments in his career, so he decided to let go of the pain with tears. We have no doubt that he will improve his form and show his true quality. “As much as people have seen me get upset and a little angry on the golf course, on the flip side of that, I’m not very much an emotional guy that way.

I’m not a sappy guy - not, I wouldn’t say sappy, not in a bad way - but I don’t cry very often. But I broke down, and I cried a little bit. I had tears”. Hilton Head brought negative things for him. Horschell had a hard time with the bad result there, and he had to find a way to come to terms with it.

“I had another one at Hilton Head after missing that cut. I played a decent first round and was in a good position after the second, going into round two, and didn’t play a good round. And I mean it was just an emotional, it was just a mental sort of grind and stress and fatigue and just on the range there for about 30 seconds just bending down, I had my hands in my head - or had my head in my hands, just sort of, just trying to hold back the tears for a little bit”.

Billy Horschel