Rory McIlroy: I want to see Brooks Koepka on the US Team at the Ryder Cup

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Rory McIlroy: I want to see Brooks Koepka on the US Team at the Ryder Cup
Rory McIlroy: I want to see Brooks Koepka on the US Team at the Ryder Cup

Brooks Koepka will have a chance to play at the Ryder Cup, but it is still not certain whether it will actually happen. Rory McIlroy surprised many when he said Koepka deserved a spot on Team USA. It is known that the Northern Irishman is not a big fan of LIV Golf and what they do.

However, he is ready to support Koepka. "I certainly think Brooks deserves to be on the United States team. I think with how he's played, I mean, he's second in the US standings [and] only played two counting events."- he said, as quoted by Rory believes that Koepka deserves a place with his quality.

However, he is not sure that other LIV Golfers have the quality to perform for the US Team in such a big competition. "I don't know if there's anyone else on the LIV roster that would make the team on merit and how they're playing.

But Brooks is definitely a guy that I think deserves to be on the US team," he said. What is particularly interesting is that Rory does not want to see LIV Golfers in the European team. They will not have a chance to play, considering that they have resigned from the DP World Tour.

"I have different feelings about the European team and the other side and sort of how that has all transpired and, yes, I don't think any of those guys should be a part of the European team."

Jon Rahm shares his opinion

Jon Rahm shares a slightly different opinion.

For him, the most important thing is that the best players play in this kind of competition. However, since LIV Golf came, many problems have arisen. "It's a little sad to me that politics have gotten in the way of such a beautiful event," -Rahm said.

"It's the best Europeans against the best Americans, period. And whatever is going on, who is playing LIV and who is not playing LIV, to me shouldn't matter."

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