Bryson DeChambeau angry over treatment of LIV Golfers and majors

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Bryson DeChambeau angry over treatment of LIV Golfers and majors
Bryson DeChambeau angry over treatment of LIV Golfers and majors

Bryson DeChambeau has emphasized many times how much LIV Golfer deserves a place in the majors. There has been a lot of noise since the creation of LIV Golfers, and many believe that LIV Golfers have no place in major competitions.

However, their results and performances at major competitions clearly say the opposite. “There’s been numerous ideas brought up,” -Bryson said, as quoted by “One that we’re all looking at right now, at least from my perspective and what I’ve heard so far is just creating an exemption category for LIV players based on how they play during the course of the year.

That would be the most fair and opportune thing for LIV golfers considering the fields that we have, the major champions we have, and the elite level of play that we have each and every week. If they’re able to do that, I think everything is good.

The OWGR points, we’ve gone so far down the list now that it’s really difficult to make us even relevant. That was part of their play, which is fine. It is what it is. But I think there’s another route to the majors”.

Bryson DeChambeau talks about Majors

There are many big names currently on this Tour. Many big players decided to go to LIV Golf considering the financial injection. However, there are also those who emphasize that they joined this competition because of the perspective it has, as well as because of the new challenge.

“It proves that we can play in major championships, proves that the schedule is good enough for us to win major championships. We have numerous players up on the leaderboard. Mito played well last round; Cam played well; I did all right; Brooks winning.

It’s huge in general. It’s an individual sport, but there’s a team component to it now, and it’s really cool to see how they’re playing well not only for their teams and for themselves but for an organisation that deserves to be mentioned a lot more in a better light than what it is”.

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