Luke Donald told Sergio Garcia that he will not play in the Ryder Cup

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Luke Donald told Sergio Garcia that he will not play in the Ryder Cup
Luke Donald told Sergio Garcia that he will not play in the Ryder Cup (Provided by Sport World News)

Sergio Garcia hoped to play in the Ryder Cup, but his dreams were crushed by Luke Donald, the captain of the European team. In the conversation with him, Garcia realized that he will not play in the Ryder Cup. “I talked to him two or three weeks ago.

Obviously I had to make some decisions when it comes down to the DP World Tour, and I wanted to see where I stood in regards to the Ryder Cup. Luke obviously is a good friend, but he made it - I wanted him to be sincere and tell me the truth, and he pretty much told me that I had no chance.

Obviously, that made my decision a little bit easier. It was sad because I felt like not only because of my history but the way I’ve been playing, that I probably could have a chance, but it didn’t sound like it, so that’s what it is”.

- Garcia said, as quoted by Sergio Garcia wanted to become a part of Liv Golf, and probably knew the consequences. “I think we all make the decisions that we think is best for us. I made what I thought were the best decisions for me and my family and my game, and they’re making what they think are their best decisions."

Sergio Garcia and Ryder Cup hopes

Garcia dreamed of being part of a team that can make a great result in Italy in September.

However, he will miss the team, and going to LIV Golf cost him. Luke Donald will be in huge trouble because of LIV Golfers, and his team will be much weaker than it used to be. “I was hoping not. You knew that it was a possibility, but I think we were all thinking and hoping that they would be smart about it and still have options open, because at the end of the day, I’m still European.

I’m Spanish, and I want the European team to win and do the best they can there and have the best chance at winning the Ryder Cup, obviously. I was excited about the possibility of playing with Jon [Rahm] again, and I know that Jon was also excited about that possibility, too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, at least for now”.

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