Bryson DeChambeau on diet, hand injury and quitting golf

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Bryson DeChambeau on diet, hand injury and quitting golf
Bryson DeChambeau on diet, hand injury and quitting golf (Provided by Sport World News)

Bryson DeChambeau realized almost a year ago that he had to make some changes in his career if he wanted to be good. The first step was to lose weight. DeChambeau was not satisfied with his appearance, but an allergy to certain foods also influenced his decision.

“Eating properly instead of eating stuff that inflames my body. I took a Zoomer peptide test, which essentially tells you what inflames your blood when you eat it. I was allergic to corn, wheat, gluten, dairy. Pretty much everything I liked, I couldn’t eat.

I took that out. Started taking it out in August, and over the course of time I’ve lost all this inflammation, lost a lot of fat and slimmed down like crazy”. - Bryson said, as quoted by

Bryson DeChambeau lost 18 pounds

DeChambeau didn't have to wait long for the results of his child, as the results were immediately visible.

"I lost 18 pounds in 24 days. It was crazy. It wasn’t fat. It was all water weight. You know how I looked before. I was not skinny”. The arm injury ruined a lot of things for him. Bryson now returns with the goal of fixing certain things.

"Obviously, having the hand injury was no fun and then learning to play golf again with a new hand. It’s been a while. So nice to come back and start to finally figure out what’s going on with my golf swing." What surprised many is that DeChambeau at one point even decided to quit golf.

“Look, I love the game, and I love being a part of helping inspire kids to play golf and grow the game whatever possible way I can. But I will say that there have been times where it’s like, man, I don’t know where this is worth all of it”.