Lee Westwood angry at European Tour and collaboration with PGA Tour

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Lee Westwood angry at European Tour and collaboration with PGA Tour
Lee Westwood angry at European Tour and collaboration with PGA Tour (Provided by Sport World News)

Lee Westwood will not be able to play in the Ryder Cup this season, along with his colleagues Ian Poulter and Sergio Garcia. Many are disappointed by what is currently happening on the golf scene, but going to LIV Golf could have predicted these things.

In one of the interviews, Westwood talked about what his absence from the European Team would mean. “Could you imagine them allowing Luke to involve one of us, no matter how well one of us might be playing?” Westwood said.

“There will be so much experience lost now, all because the [DP World] Tour has gone into bed with the PGA Tour. That’s not the way it was. And not the way I think it should be. It’s time for me to move on”.

The main objection to Liv Golf is the fact that they are financed by Saudi Arabia. “The way I view it is, as a European Tour member, I was allowed to be a member of the PGA Tour without any problem for all those years.

Tell me, what is the difference? Just because LIV is funded by the Saudis – a country where my tour used to play and where we were encouraged to play?

Lee Westwood and his opinion

The PGA Tour and DP World Tour collaborate and have a great relationship.

They show that they will continue to cooperate and prove to everyone that they are stronger together. Westwood is disappointed with that. "I’ve been a dual member of the European Tour and PGA Tour, but always said I was a European Tour member first and foremost and that I had fears about the US circuit basically being bullies and doing everything it could to secure global dominance.

But now, in my opinion, the European Tour has jumped fully in bed with the PGA Tour and even though Keith [Pelley] says he hates to hear it, it is now a feeder tour for the PGA Tour. The top 10 players on the Tour, not already exempt this year, have a pathway to the PGA Tour – that’s giving our talent away.

That was never the tour’s policy before this ‘strategic alliance’. Sorry, I don’t want to play under that sort of regime. I always played on the Asian Tour, and got releases no problem. But then they said I shouldn’t play in the Indonesian Open at the end of last year.

Come on. No thanks, I don’t want to play that game. It should be obvious why I’ve resigned”.