Rory McIlroy on the Masters and the big mistake he made

"You need to be thinking about staying in the present"

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy on the Masters and the big mistake he made

Rory McIlroy disappointed many with his performance at the Masters, saying he was far from his true form. His disappointment can also be felt during the interview. He was an optimist and hoped for the best, but he will have to wait for that important trophy.

“I honestly thought I was going to have the best Masters I ever had,” McIlroy said for, as quoted by

Rory McIlroy talks about the problem

A different mindset was present in Rory McIlroy's head before this tournament.

The enormous self-confidence he had thought was going to bring him what he needed, but it actually had the opposite effect. Rory thinks that he should have had a different approach to the whole story. In spite of this, it is an important lesson for him in terms of his future and what lies ahead for him.

“It sucked,” McIlroy said. “I shouldn’t be thinking about if I’m going to be having a good week or a bad week. I should only be thinking about that first tee shot on Thursday. That’s getting ahead of myself and feeling really good about my game but having those thoughts of, jeez, I’m going to have the best week I’ve ever had at Augusta isn’t the right mindset going into it.

You need to be thinking about staying in the present. I feel like at Augusta I didn’t do a good job of that because of how well I was playing. I was almost too – not overconfident – but maybe got ahead of myself”.

In light of the fact that the season is long and that he will encounter difficult challenges, Rory McIlroy must be ready for what is ahead of him. This is exactly the point in the season when he has to be able to calm down some things in his head and concentrate on his game.

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