Jim Furyk leads the 2024 US President's Cup team

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Jim Furyk leads the 2024 US President's Cup team
Jim Furyk leads the 2024 US President's Cup team (Provided by Sport World News)

There has been a new captain announced for the US Presidents Cup team for 2024 and that will be Jim Furyk. Surely this is a moment that he has been waiting for his entire career. You know that the effort and hard work that you have put into your career has been not without reason when you receive such an honor.

The captain, Furyk, couldn't contain his joy when he discovered that he got this chance, and he is glad he reached such a high level of success.
“Being selected by my peers to take on the role as captain of the US Team for the 2024 Presidents Cup is truly an honor that I am humbled and excited to accept.

Over the span of several decades this event has evolved tremendously into the global showcase it is today, and I am thrilled to help continue that momentum. So many legendary captains have come before me, so now to be here as the 2024 US Team Captain is quite remarkable”.

- he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Jay Monahan happy with Jim Furyk

As for Jay Monahan, he is also happy to see that Furyk has been chosen as the US team's new coach. Montreal 2024 is a great opportunity to observe the type of work Furyk will do.

Many are worried if the US team will be as strong as before, but there is no doubt as to their quality. “Jim has been a role model and a tremendous ambassador for the PGA Tour during his remarkable career. And given the role he has played in the growth and success of the Presidents Cup over the last 25 years as both a competitor and a captain’s assistant, it’s fitting he will bring his leadership skills to Montreal in 2024 where he takes on the role of US Team Captain”. Furyk has a big responsibility ahead of him.