Pat Perez 'don't give a damn' how Jay Monahan feels

Perez, who once talked about staying on the PGA Tour, now has a different view

by Sead Dedovic
Pat Perez 'don't give a damn' how Jay Monahan feels

Pat Perez had a successful performance at LIV Adelaide. However, he does not want to stop there, and his goals are much bigger in the future. This great golfer has shown his qualities and will pose a danger to his opponents in the future.

At the press conference, Perez could not hide his delight at the entire event and organization. However, one question caused an interesting reaction from Pat. Reporters were interested in what Perez had to say about Jay Monahan and how Monahan felt about everything: "We don't give a damn how he feels.

We know how he feels about us, so it's mutual. "- he said, as quoted by
“I know that Jay doesn’t ever want to see me again,” Perez added. It's fascinating how quickly Perez changed his mind.

It looked like he would never leave the PGA Tour, and his statements were in favor of staying. However, he soon changed his mind: “Our purses are going up. Jay Monahan's done a phenomenal job getting our purses to go up.

Jay and the Tour, from what I understand, is doing a phenomenal job."

Pat Perez on LIV Golf

In those moments, Perez did not hesitate to criticize LIV Golf. "They talk about growing the game. I don't see how that group over there is growing the game.

The Tour has done phenomenal things. They do phenomenal things for the communities that we go to. They have programs for underprivileged now. That's how you grow the game”. At the moment, Perez is content with the situation in which he is currently in.

Despite the huge pressure and criticism, he quickly adapted to the new Tour and is now living a new career in spite of all the pressure and criticism. The most important thing for him are new challenges and what awaits him at LIV Golf.

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