Cameron Smith on LIV Adelaide: It was fun, but also stressful

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Cameron Smith on LIV Adelaide: It was fun, but also stressful
Cameron Smith on LIV Adelaide: It was fun, but also stressful (Provided by Sport World News)

Liv Golf has finally realized the dream of every Australian: Australians will have the opportunity to watch a major competition in their homeland. Cameron Smith is certainly the biggest star on the Australian scene and his performance is what many are most interested in.

Cameron Smith finally got the moment to play in his homeland. “That was pretty cool,”- Smith said, as quoted by ”Fisher came out and did a shoey. Everyone was going nuts, so that was pretty funny.

I probably hit the worst shot of the day there, but everyone still clapped”.

Cameron Smith is happy

It seems that this young Australian is not used to playing under such pressure. Although you enjoy the fans' attention and support, sometimes it can be a distracting factor in this sport.

“That first fairway looked pretty narrow this morning,” he continued. “It seemed like everyone was on the edge of the fairway. Yeah, it was a pretty epic day. It was incredible every hole, the support, the support going on to the tee, off the green.

To be honest, it was pretty tiring. It's nice to have a lot of people that are kind of riding you, but it's also pretty stressful. You want to hit a good shot all the time. I guess it's not kind of as free flowing as what it typically is, but it was a pretty epic day.

I saw a lot of mullet shirts today. That was good fun. I got like a "Cameron" on the 12th hole, the boys - like Happy, Happy Gilmore. So that was also pretty funny”. LIV Golf created a great atmosphere. They showed that they know their job, and the Australians will be grateful for this.

“I think for me it was justified before this week, but I think it's a massive boost. I think it gives the Tour a lot of confidence and a little momentum, as well. For Aussies, I think this is the benchmark for not only, I guess, Australian LIV Golf, but kind of world LIV Golf.

This is probably the best atmosphere, infrastructure, crowds that we've had. It's pretty cool to call that our own basically”.

Cameron Smith