Marc Leishman revealed why he accepted LIV Golf's offer

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Marc Leishman revealed why he accepted LIV Golf's offer
Marc Leishman revealed why he accepted LIV Golf's offer (Provided by Sport World News)

Marc Leishman is apparently happy at LIV Golf. He knew that he had to make a difficult decision that would determine his future and destiny. He decided to accept LIV Golf's offer and try his hand at a tour supported by Staren Saudi Arabia.

He did not repent! Leishman has many reasons why he accepted such a call. "I really enjoyed my time on the PGA Tour and it was a really good time for a change," -he said on Fox Sports, quoted by "For me just to be able to you know, with three young kids to be able to spend more time with them and more time in Australia is going down there and in a couple of weeks.

Off the course, it‘s amazing." Leishman has emphasized many times how much he loves his sons and family. This is the biggest motivation in his career. "Spending a lot of time with boys and a lot less eating alone and all that sort of thing.

I’ve got no regrets and certainly very happy where I am."

Marc Leishman, his goals and Ripper GC Team

The Ripper GC Team is made up of Australian players. Cameron Smith is certainly the main one. Soon we will see them in Australia.

"It’s unbelievable. Any time you get to go home and play it’s amazing, but it’s pretty close to my home town. To get back at that time of year is gonna be pretty cool with the football on. There is a big weekend of football the week before in Adelaide.

It’s just great to be able to go back and play in front of home fans and to see the look on all the kids’ faces when they see me or Cam and I’m sure all the other guys, it’s pretty cool. Guys they normally see on TV, they’ll actually see in person and get to interact with, which is great."

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