Rickie Fowler reacts to the big change on the golf scene

"I feel like it's definitely a benefit to the viewers."

by Sead Dedovic
Rickie Fowler reacts to the big change on the golf scene

On-course player interviews are currently one of the main topics on the golf scene. Opinions related to this kind of thing are divided. Many believe that it is unnecessary and creates additional chaos, while there are also many who support and consider these things necessary for the progress of golf.

Rickie Fowler, the great golfer, believes that this is still a good thing for golf and its future. “Not opposed to it,” Fowler said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com “They also give you an out as far as if it ends up not being a good time.

So ultimately, the player has the final say. If you're coming off of a bad stretch or maybe in the mix and, hey, this just isn't a good time, they do give you that out."

Rickie Fowler: It's definitely a benefit

Golf fans sometimes react too quickly and excessively, and it will take some time to really implement new things and to understand that sometimes you have to introduce new things.

This will be just the beginning of what will follow in the future. "So I feel like it's - you know, when the right questions are asked and it's getting people a little more of an inside look of either what we're thinking or going through or stuff like that, I feel like it's definitely a benefit to the viewers.

It seems like there's been some good feedback to it”. Earbuds also turned out to be a great thing during the interview. Golfers can communicate in a much easier way, give their opinion and reveal to the fans what it all looks like on the course.

“Yeah, a lot easier than having to put a pack and a wire and stuff like that. It's just like you're talking to someone on the phone”.

Golf leaders cause various reactions with their moves. We will see what new awaits us soon.

Rickie Fowler