Justin Thomas disappointed with golf rollback plans

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Justin Thomas disappointed with golf rollback plans

Golf ball bifurcation plans are a real surprise on the golf scene. Governing bodies want to limit driving distance with the new golf ball. Most golfers cannot believe that such proposals really exist, but the fact is that they could be implemented.

One of the biggest, Justin Thomas, is in awe and still doesn't understand where such plans come from. “For them to say in the same sentence that golf is in the best place it's ever been, everything is great, but... and I'm like, well, there shouldn't be a but.

You're trying to create a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. It’s so bad for the game of golf, for an opportunity - I mean, some of the great things to me is the fact that you can play the exact same golf ball that I play.

I mean, that's cool. For an every day amateur golfer, it's very unique that we are able to play the exact same equipment. They want it to be, OK, well, the pros play this way and the amateurs play this way, and that just doesn't - I don't understand how that's better for the game of golf."- Justin Thomas said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Keegan Bradley and his interesting reaction

In addition to Thomas, Keegan Bradley also reacted.

He gave an interesting comparison, given that he doesn't understand everything either. "One of the coolest things about golf is you could come out and play with a PGA Tour player with a 30 handicap but we’re playing the same sport.

I can’t go and play football with Tom Brady with pads on, on a Sunday – I’ll get killed."- Bradley said. Thomas believes that the situation and the rules are quite clear today, and that there is no need to do this.

“I promise none of you have come in from the golf course and said, ‘You know, I'm hitting it so far and straight today that golf's just not even fun anymore’. Like, no, that's not - it's just not reality”.

Justin Thomas